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Revamped feel & More!

As you may have noticed, we’ve done some major changes on the home page. We’ve retained the old color but everything else is pretty much changed. The inside pages, though, are almost the same (except for the top bar). The overall look of the site, we think, feels much better. We’d love to know your take on the update and more improvements which you’d like.

We’ve also added some new features, while making sure that the simplicity of BrewaTalk is maintained. There’s a ‘Like’ functionality now for every talk, from where you can ‘like’ any talk and follow it easily from the ‘Likes’ link in the top bar. You can follow the talk for any user, friend or not, as long as he/she hasn’t made their talks private. Unliking a talk is as easy as a click. When you go to the page of any talk, you can see who else likes the talk.

There’s now a ‘Share on Twitter’ link as well for every talk. If you find a talk interesting, and would want to share its link with your followers on Twitter, it can be done easily; you can also share the link and let others know whenever you start a new talk.

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Brew-a-Talk got reviewed on KillerStartups!

Brew-a-Talk was recently reviewed on KillerStartups:
“…..People love the chance to talk with others about things that matter to them, and others just love the chance to talk about just anything…..”

Read the complete post at :

and hey, don’t forget to vote for us!

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Quick Updates

Here are some new updates on Brew-a-Talk:

- There’s a nifty ‘Recent Talks’ section from where users can discover new and popular talks from the Brew community.

- Profile Information of a user, like Name, Location, Sex, etc. are now displayed on his/her page; also an Activity Box, showing Total number of Friends, New Talks started and Replies by the user, is displayed.

- User can decide to hide their talks from people other than friends, by changing the Privacy settings from the ‘Edit Profile’ section.

- One can also unsubscribe from New Talk/ Reply notifications by changing the settings from ‘Edit Profile’.

-and, if you decide to remove a friend, you can easily do that from the ‘Show All Friends’ section.

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No more ‘Private’

We are excited to announce that Brew-a-Talk is launching out of private beta; so now users can directly create an account, without requesting an invitation.

There are some slight changes on the index page to give new visitors a better insight of the site; there’s a new¬† ‘Learn More’ and a revamped ‘FAQ’ section, plus some ‘Featured Profiles’.

Users can also set privacy settings now from the ‘Edit Profile’ page, so that their talks are visible only to their friends.

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Attach Tags

We’ve added another input box to attach tags, when you’re starting new talks.

This appears titled as ‘What is it about?’ below the textbox. One can attach up to three words, separated by comma to identify the talk; you can also decide to omit the tags completely.

Happy Brewing!

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